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living legend u can look but don't touch



i don’t recommend it, it’s probably not the healthiest way to go about losing weight but i’m really over the top/don’t know how to find a balance so i was really just eating a lot of strawberries and kiwi and banana and like, yogurt n stuff. i was just like, nommin on strawberries covered w/ splenda, apples covered in cinnamon AND splenda, and drinking a loooooot of coffee. i drink a lot of coffee all the time though, but i think that when mixed with my all fruit diet— it just like took my appetite away after a day or two and it got easier. but i missed carbs!! burgers!! junk food!! the minute i took a bite into real food i went ham and ate everything and gained it all back so it really just isn’t worth it.. i really would rather have sum boobz and ass (even tho i have no ass lol) and work out n tone up but i just am too lazy so— i’m just going to keep eating burgers and cake while i still have this decent metabolism of mine